How DameWare Mobile Gateway Works

The Mobile Gateway ensures that the users who connect through the Mobile Client are authorized to work on computers in your network. Each user must authenticate through the gateway before they can connect to remote computers with the Mobile Client.

The DameWare Mobile Gateway depends on three pieces to connect mobile devices to remote computers:

DameWare Mobile Client

Users download and install the Mobile Client on their mobile devices to connect to the Mobile Gateway and MRC agents. The Mobile Client is a free download from the App Store.

DameWare Mobile Gateway

You can install the Mobile Gateway in your DMZ or on a computer in your protected LAN. The Mobile Gateway authenticates mobile users against a gateway-specific user database and is also responsible for opening connections to the MRC agents.

DameWare Mini Remote Control Agents

The Mobile Gateway connects to MRC agents (v8.0 or above) installed on remote computers and passes the information to your mobile device. Users are authenticated against your directory or the MRC agent's host.